Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Serenity IS…

Kingman Wash in Arizona. Iphone snap

Kingman Wash in Arizona. Iphone snap

Crystal jewel amid desert rigidity,
Exposed in willing transparency.
Deep tonal blue your reflective canopy,
Your icy December embrace still entices me.

My fingers playfully seek
Expectant through chilled caress,
Revitalize me.
I feel the settled stones,
You and time have smoothed diligently.
And respectfully I acknowledge,
You haven’t always known such serenity.
Rugged unpolished rocks,
Droughts and waters raging.
Yet I know and remember when trials oppress,
Serenity IS, and when absent, will again be…

©E.D. Allee
January 1, 2015


Comments on: "Serenity IS…" (7)

  1. Beautiful E. I am so glad to see your words here again. You are so talented.

    • Thanks sweets! This one’s on you! Your message inspired me. I was flipping through pics and this one flashed an idea, and your encouraging words came back to my consciousness. A needed push. Thank you again my friend!

      • No E. Thank you….In reading this again I see so much I can relate to in my current situations. I love the metaphor of the smoothing of the stone over time due to swift and turbulent currents. You have NO idea how relevant that is to me at the moment. So once again…Thank you E. Here is to smooth stones and gentle currents in the years to come for us both. Welcome back.

  2. Such a very lovely poem E! I always consider it a blessing to read what you share…it is always meaningful!

  3. Dr. Suess-Zues Zen said:

    Very nice, very real.


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