Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

As Your Plan Unfolds…

I know not where You’re leading me,
I only know it is from here.
This place in which I reside,
Where all seems so unclear.

Your plan, Your will,
I seek with all my heart.
I place my faith in You Lord,
Understanding, I pray, impart.

You’ve never let me down.
You’re always on time.
Sustain me in this trial,
Be with me as I climb.

All I have is this moment,
Help me obey Your leadings.
I trust Your plan is perfect,
Despite my lack if seeing.


©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

Comments on: "As Your Plan Unfolds…" (2)

  1. Your words always move my soul. Always know that he hears your words, he embraces your heart, and he will never leave you alone!. The poem below could have been easily written by you…I changed one word in it because it reminded me of what you shared in your poem. Hugs, love, and blessings my sister!

    My Anchor, My Rock

    You smiled at me and the fires
    Arose from the sunken depths
    Of darkness which was the
    Marrow of my heart.

    My inner spirit you lifted…
    Making me a whole woman.
    Your hand reshaped the clay,
    Coloring my world with new life.

    My heart no longer sings
    Dismal songs of darkened death.
    For when you found me,
    You freed me from that enemy.

    You gave my heart a wholesome
    Song to sing, one that would
    Serenade your ears with its
    Daily praises.

    You have given me something
    So priceless and very new,
    For now true life was laid out before me,
    Please do not take it away.

    For I would choke on the vines of darkness,
    Drowning in the pits of eternal damnation
    Without your love, and without your grace.
    So please , always stay my anchor and my rock.

    Written by me when I was 24!


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