Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Photo taken on one of my desert adventures. It struck such a strong symbolic chord with me. Too perfect to not photograph and write on. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

Photo: My collection. NV

Photo: My collection. NV

A heart separated,
Broken preceding.
Breaking still,
But beating.
Independent at last,
Finally free.
With wounds and scars
Easily seen.
Standing alone,
Yet afraid to leave forever.
Close it remains,
Unable to sever.
Pain and loss.
Time and decay.
Ripped the heart away.
Fallen from the largest part,
No longer whole.
Longing to be reunited,
But God’s taken their soul.
An island of love,
Once flourishing.
In an instant shattered,
The heart will keep beating…

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

Comments on: "These Hearts, 6 Varied Interpretations…" (10)

  1. Beautifully done. How ’bout I try my hand:

    What creatures, once born,
    Leave memories in
    Broken stone forlorn.
    No wall, nor house foundation
    shall this fractured rock supply,
    but curious inspiration,
    for poet passing by.

  2. Kevin fitz said:

    Hey that resembles me my love your so,warm Hearted been a pleasure to know and love you Your bad ass marine Fitz

  3. Strong work! Awesome writing. Have a lovely night!

  4. Beautiful as always! Missed seeing you here! Xoxo

  5. Your poems always inspire me to write something from the emotion in your words I feel. Always remember you are a blessing!

    Freedom in His love

    When you are not with me
    My heart turns within
    To the face my heart sees
    And whose love I live in…

    Nothing can separate me
    Or keep me away from you
    As long as I am breathing
    To your love I always stay true

    To the thought I give sweet life
    To the moment I make a lasting treasure
    To the second I change making them to last longer
    To the hours I give a love that lasts forever

    So that I am never lonely long
    Whenever you are not with me
    I just give life to my dreams within
    And your love Lord makes my heart free.

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