Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

A Slow Drip…

A slow drip,

quiet behind the scenes.

Amidst a sea of glass.


By a well constructed mask.

Fueled by strife

By the grumblings of this life,

By the self-seeking will

Which must be right.

Searching for validation

It can declare as home.

Steady drips abruptly shift,
Into crimson floods.
Unforgiving annihilation ensues.
Uncommitted to course or time.

The swirling torrent recedes
Sun illuminates the settled.
Revealing the wreckage,
Downed limbs and debris.

And the slow drip,
A whisper behind the scenes.
Amidst a sea of glass.
Smoothed by a well constructed mask,
Resumes it’s accumulation.
Forecast unknown…

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

Comments on: "A Slow Drip…" (10)

  1. This is wonderfully done!

  2. Another powerful poem, Elizabeth. Keep it up.

  3. Elizabeth, your words never fail to embrace my minds attention in the best of ways! I find it is always a blessing to spend some tranquil moments with what you share! Another sparkling gem…thanks for allowing me to begin my day with your gift! Hugs and blessings!

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