Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

A Photographic Voice…

Photographs have a voice;
Some speak only in whispers.
Some talk in riddles and mazes,
Twisting words with playful vigor.

Some caress the heart and mind,
With the smoothness of their beauty.
Emitting light and emotion,
For beholders to feel and see.

Others torment and horrify,
Encouraging intrigue, or repulsive rejection.
Impacting change or promoting darkness,
Mankind’s shared evil reflections.

They are living, breathing, halted time,
Moments captured and then released.
Singular in nature, paused forever,
Yet to them, they are eternity.

Their messages are remarkable,
Ever changing, through varied interpretations.
Immortal once unleashed and absorbed,
Painting permanence upon human imagination.

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

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  2. I love your outlook. Another question though: How did you combine all those images into one image?

    • Thanks. I just did a screen shot from my ipad and used it as the image for the poem. Could have cropped out the top google address bar! Just a quick “cheat method” really. Could have made a collage- there are free collage sites and apps you can use too.

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