Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


Morning waters rip to shore,
Advancing upon thirsty land.
Darkness is absorbed by amber hues,
The sun again is welcomed.

Perceiving speech as an intrusion,
Upon the tranquil moment.
Delicate whispers of winded anticipation,
Listen, listen…with intent.

Stones and muddied earth below.
Mountains spherically cradle me.
Natures kiss upon my lips,
Grateful for God’s morning masterpiece.

ยฉE.D. Allee
July, 2014

Images: me

Lake Mead- Nevada


Comments on: "God’s Morning Masterpiece… July 17, 2014" (26)

  1. Awesome Pics E. Great wordy type things as well. Glad to see you here. Hope to see you more my friend. Hope all is well.

  2. nice content ๐Ÿ™‚ love it. lets follow each other. you might like to drop by in my facebook http://www.facebook.com/athenasaxena.ph see you.

  3. Thanks for the gift of your morning masterpiece. I enjoyed the trip.

    • You are very welcome sir- glad you could participate! Your recent “bold” post was well written. Stinkin flesh!!! Hope all is groovy with you and yours!

  4. kevin.fitzpatrick.3597@facebook.com said:

    Good poem and nice pics stinky!

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