Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


God’s love descending.
Never ending.
Like drops of rain
Bathed in streams of light
From starry nights.
Cannot define.
Cannot contain.
God’s Love exists
In the limitless.
In realms of incomprehension.
Embraced by open hearts,
Nourished, treasured, shared.
God is love.
Love’s touch is life.

Shower me.
Let it rain.
Until all hate
Is cleansed and replaced,
By Your life giving flow
Of agape.
Your eternal perfection
Teaching me,
Each moment,
How You would have me
Distribute the light
Gifted by You,
God of love within.

©E.D. Allee
June, 2014

Comments on: "God’s Love “Rains”…" (14)

  1. This is a real gem 🙂

  2. verbnflow said:

    Made me smile. Xo

  3. There is such happiness in your words, and especially in the poem Elizabeth…you make a day better with your presence…thanks for sharing your wonderful heart….hugs to you my sister…God bless!

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