Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Double Dutch…


Steady revolutions,
Roped complexity.
Standing on the sideline,
Of a future you can’t see.

Do you jump in?
Do you chance entanglement?
How long do you stare,
Into the grounded firmament?

Pain in failure,
Pride and bodily woes.
Yet, never proceeding forward,
You’re sure to never know.

The longer you watch,
The longer you wait,
The more doubt can take root,
Strengthened chains, your fate.

So, pause to strategize,
Then, with courage leap.
You may face complications,
Step back, restart, reject defeat!

©E.D. Allee
June, 2014


Comments on: "Double Dutch…" (8)

  1. You are welcome back because it’s quite some time that I’ve not see you here. Hope all is well?

  2. I really like this. A friend of mine in AA always used to say to me “trust, risk and share” . Your poem brought this fo mind x

    • Awesome wisdom in those words! I’ve heard lots of useful “quotables” in AA- but that one is new. Glad you liked it! Thanks for taking time to read it. Peace to you.

      Btw- made my 30 days on the ninth! Ty again for your support!

  3. Awesome, I could never master jump rope…no rhythm:) excellent piece:)

  4. It is a wonderful thing not to give in…you have the inward power to move forward..we all fall down in many things in this world but we can get back up as long as his breath is in our lungs…believe…I believe in you E…you are a priceless gem to me my sister…and I am with you all the way. Spiritual hugs, love, and blessings always!

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