Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

As God…


I pray You help me see,
All people as you see them.
The beauty within their hearts,
Even when it’s well hidden.

I pray You help me look,
Past their stains and flaws.
To a soul born to search for light,
Make transparent life’s inflicted scars.

I pray You teach me how to love,
Even the ones who cause me harm.
Help me see their pain and struggles,
And grant them the gift of compassion.

We are all connected,
Each heart in a living symphony.
Intertwined into one fabric,
And it’s You that we need.

Please hear my prayer God.
I know it’s only You,
Who can unite and restore all hearts.
Help me see Your children as You do…


©E.D. Allee
June, 2014



Comments on: "As God…" (8)

  1. You are welcome back. I do hope all was well? My regard.

  2. What a beautiful prayer. It goes right along with my thoughts when watching a Watoto Children’s Choir a few minutes ago. Beauty has nothing to do with skin color, pleasing features or sculptured shape. True human beauty reflects our Creator’s beauty, without adornment or enhancement. Praise God for his marvelous grace.

  3. hear hear! yes yes …right on 🙂 luv it …….keep onn keepin on , can relate true empathy for the others whom we might hold accountable is a hard thing to do, i so agree, one 1DAAT! 🙂 smiles 2 U frum Q

  4. The True Light! said:

    I love the very first line…to have us see people as God sees them! If only all of the faithful in Him would try to do this, the world would be so much better!


    • I agree. It’s not always easy to look past the surface and into the heart. Certainly wouldn’t be my eyes alone! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Peace to you and yours🌻

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