Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

This is a poem my sister wrote for me. She doesn’t write much but when she does- they are crazy amazing! I love my little sister so much. We have a connection nothing can ever match.


Image: http://www.beautifullife.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/16/17.jpg

A cautiously beating heart

That dwelt within

The sustaining womb

That I have been

And my chest aches when we’re apart

Two sister hearts

Adrift too far

For no other heart could know mine more

Than the one that beats inside of yours

And yet I know we don’t compare

For within your heart,

Such compassion fares.

An unadulterated love for God and creation

Such caring tenderness lies

Without impeding hesitation

But know in all you do and say

It’s your heart I see struggle anew each day

With the pain in your past

And the choices you’ve made

With final acceptance

With debts that God paid

I see through to your core

With each pulse beating sure

A most gloriously beautiful heart

One which mine will ever adore.

Love, Leeann
May 2014

Comments on: "A Beautiful Heart I See…" (4)

  1. verbnflow said:

    Lovely sentiment. Great piece. Hope you’re well! Xo

  2. My sister and I are this close too. Sometimes my heart just aches for her. We are only about a year and a half apart…but it feels like we are twins. ~ beautiful

    • Ty. There is a special bond between sisters. We are almost five years apart. I remember giving her her bottle with her in my lap- nine million piles if pillows around me- LOL. I’m so grateful for our relationship, and for the gift of that specific expression of love only we share. So glad you have that with your sister as well.

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