Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

For today’s prompt, write a “last straw” poem. Everyone encounters situations in which they decide they’re not going to take it anymore (whatever “it” happens to be).

She held on as long as she could
Feet scarred from years of egg shells
Feeling the faint strength within
Increasing in vertical swells

For years she tried to live
Under a powerful radar
Knowing she could do no right
Existing inside a broken avatar

The last straw came
Like lightening ruptured her soul
When he hurt her baby
In a violent rage out of control

Pain had been reserved for her
She knew how to survive
She never felt worth a change
But one forbidden touch opened her eyes…

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014


Please Note: “she” is not Me. Thanks for reading.

Comments on: "No More… Writer’s Digest Poem A Day Challenge Day 25" (4)

  1. Love the emotional empathy. I fear, however, many abused spouses never reach that breaking point. Either they keep hoping they can turn the brute around, or they’re too afraid to leave. I could never understand the appeal of the “bad boy” relationship, and always told my daughters to be alert to anything in a boyfriend that even hinted of danger.

    • Such a complex situation- what seems cut and dry to some can be such a nightmare to confront and escape. Your daughters at blessed to have had that lesson and a good example. Thanks for reading and responding.

  2. Sad but wonderfully written E! Hugs and blessings dear one!

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