Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


Several refrains of love’s drought,
Only a small spark required.
To ignite a once dormant heart,
Causing an eruption of passion’s fire.

A cyclone captures two wanting souls,
Destroying anything in its path.
Transporting the now one,
Into unknown future forecasts.

Drowning in a flood meant to douse,
Clinging to fallen victims of the wind.
Downed branches keeping your heads above water,
Carrying you both to safety’s bridge.

A clear sky now emerges, stable atmosphere.
A gentle breeze replaces the fury.
The drought is finished and all is refreshed,
Hope tomorrow’s elements also translate to glory!

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Images: http://www.ecards-passion.net/EN/pages/the-other-5-elements-2.htm



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