Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery



I am half of you,
Or are you half of me?
Which one of us wins,
In this yearning for superiority?

Images the same,
Together in separateness.
Yet unwilling to merge as one,
Hiding identical faces from acceptance.

A war we cannot win.
A battle we shouldn’t fight.
Futile efforts to remain apart.
With closed eyes, we’re both in sight.

I stare at you closely,
Uncertain if you are real.
We are two halves of a whole,
It’s time we unite and heal.

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://www.wallpapersdb.org/wallpapers/abstract/mirror_kiss_1680x1050.jpg

Comments on: "Merge…" (12)

  1. Reblogged this on fredtroy and commented:

  2. an inspiring read… may you always find what you need in your quest to being whole.

  3. verbnflow said:

    Your timing is impeccable. I love this concept. “Hiding identical faces from acceptance.” Great line.

  4. This one is so very wonderfully done Elizabeth! I feel the deepness of both sides of your soul while reading your words. One day they both will merge and bring a certain soothing peace within. You inspire me each day to write more, because of the you I know…you are awesome my sister!

    • Oh you precious soul. I’m so grateful for your comments, support and encouragement. You gift the world with beauty in your words and love. Thank you.

  5. Oh, I love this one. Really great writing, particularly your last stanza ~ it seems to take the poem out into a larger field, and another ripple wider. 🙂

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