Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

This Will Pass…

I wrote this about five months ago- creepy to me how I still occasionally feel the same. But I’m clean/sober right now! This is a different style for me- not rhyme centered – free flowing thoughts. Thanks for reading!


I hear him calling

He who was my master

My ears harken

Temptation pulling

I felt safe for a time

I’m fearful again

Fearing another descent

Down the hard bottom abyss

This will pass

I don’t wanna  go back

To my old way of living

Which wasn’t living

It was dying

In an accelerated slow fade


I don’t even know why 

I would entertain the thought

Many losses

Countless known

Countless hidden


For memories that haunt

Stubborn to part

I continue to nourish the torment

Upon my bruised soul


21 yrs of my life under rule

By a dictator I submitted to

My voice was constrained

My screams inaudible

Eventually I quit screaming

To save my voice


I needed to assign speech to the mask


I remember him

I feel him

As if he were again inside me

Penetrating to a once void core


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