Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


I don’t usually reblog- my blog would be nothing but if I did- I follow such talents! BUT, her blog being relatively new, I want to introduce my lovely followers to someone I quickly came to appreciate and am regularly floored by!  Her posts are authentic and captivating. You can check out her gifted writings at: http://verbnflow.wordpress.com – AKA “The Ramblings of An Awkward Peacock”. Hope everyone is well!

I could use a hug right now.
I could let you hold me until sleep comes.
I could hold you until you felt you could stand on your own.
I could feel your skin and convince you that I mean to stay.
I could let you feel my skin and start to believe that I do.
Listening to steady breath and a quickening heartbeat.
Knowing one of them is a liar.
Proximity, like magic.
Nowhere to hide.
And I have never felt so…
I feel the familiar pull at my core.
My mind travels to the heart that it belongs to.
Possibility wrestling reality until I feel it in my bones.
Once again I have sprouted feathers.
I am both captive and freed.
And I would love nothing more than to rise above the ground.
The burden of gravity sinking my feet.
Sinking every last part of me.

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