Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Mental Residence…


I say it frequently:

“Ohhhhh to live in my head.
A fun place to visit,
But not a great place to live.”


Thoughts race in disorganized flight,
And have too few landing strips.
Clarity at times is fleeting,
Appearing primarily in blips.
My next steps are covered,
By the stretched shadows of blind leaps.
And open graves are created,
For my regret to sleep.


On other occasions it’s orderly inside,
Rapid thoughts are flying straight.
With only short necessary landings,
To connect easily at different gates.
New information is absorbed,
And it’s applied in my active life.
My decisions stand a fighting chance,
Of being well thought out and right.


The two do hang together,
Meeting at conventions and “Pub Brain”.
Strategizing, with one group dominant,
The Insanes versus the Sanes.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cKd9hSdi9GM/UFpTI2JrW7I/AAAAAAAACEU/5TkJDKB1kqw/s1600/brain-color.jpg





Comments on: "Mental Residence…" (11)

  1. I love the way you share yourself…that is what I like the best about you Elizabeth…you are always so genuinely real! By being yourself you are always a treasure to me! Hugs and blessings you my sister!

    • Thanks- I imagine I share more than I should and more than some wish to know- but here I am! And believe it or not I keep a few things to myself! LOL. Hugs back atch! Like the new pic- handsome man!

  2. I like the analogy you use here. I like the line, my decisions stand a fighting chance. Nice work.

  3. I liked the ‘pub brain’ that was really good.
    PS Thought your duet with J was really good.

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