Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Piano’s Glad Bidding…


She escapes into harmonic solitude,
The world’s merged into obscurity.
Simply the piano and her gift present,
Composing in unity.

Atmosphere, symphonic,
Natural light, timid through cold glass.
Warmth, a follower of her movements,
She’s amidst a life-defining lyrical paragraph.

Each note adds color to the world,
Glowing in tangible flight.
An imprint of sound’s valid purpose,
Unbridled passion ignites.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014



Comments on: "Piano’s Glad Bidding…" (8)

  1. Love the poem and the picture

  2. your writing with each letter, each note
    adds vibrant color to this world and thank you
    very much for sharing …. :o) Jimi

  3. definitely my pleasure to read your gifts Journey, that “screw loose” poem is a bit true as well …. but i don’t mind because it helps to keep things loose from time to time …. :o) Jimi

  4. beautiful E. Have you been sitting at the piano a bit tonight? Between this and Chopsticks I am thinking maybe.

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