Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Out there

This post was dedicated to me- which is just wild, overall. I am grateful and flattered that my writings provided inspiration to this gifted poet. Enjoy and check out Kim’s blog (http://zipsrid.wordpress.com).

Her creativity is worth experiencing.

Thank you Kim!

Peace, Love and Patchouli

she is on a journey
Chasing the pirates
Of girlhood dreams
Escape to the big wide sea
Where the world below
Is alive with translucent creatures
And ships sail past
Crashing on the swells
Of stormy days.
She is on a journey
The wide world at her feet
She hums as she moves along
Stranded on islands
Of her making
She feels the palms glide
Through her hair
As she walks the sands
In search of her treasures.
She is on a journey
And she knows the way
She speaks her truth
And knows that time is on her side,
She is going home
She is moving in the right direction
And her footprints showing
For but a moment
They will be gone
In a spec of a second,
A particle of sand
Blown to the sea,
Disappearing from sight
Like a shadow
Eclipsed by clouds
Blocking the sun.

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  1. You are welcome friend, like your new pic too:)

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