Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Walking Dead…

Stagger, erratic, head unsteady and down turned.
Thinner than a person should be.
Hair disheveled, short shorts in cool temps,
The walking dead among the living.

I wonder where her mind is at,
Speedily walking, countenance filled with fear.
So exposed, unable to hide from witnessing eyes,
My heart hurts, seeing her likely in addictions snares.

So, I pray for you, remembering the bondage.
May God envelop you in His love.
Fill you with hope and strength.
Guide you to help, send you one to trust.
I pray you hold on to life.
Seeing the hope and light ahead.
Resisting the desire to quit.
Choosing to return from the walking dead.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014



Comments on: "Walking Dead…" (8)

  1. Widow Beach said:

    So painful and tragic–I join in your prayers.

  2. Wow I can relate. So pleased I reached a point of surrender. Sadly many dont and I have witnessed this within AA and been to quite a few funerals. So very sad

  3. We were just talking about being there and knowing that hopelessness, were we not? Reminders of where we have been and should never return are everywhere if we pay attention. Tragic reminders. Sorry you had to witness the obvious truth, but thankful for the not so subtle reminders of what lack of vigilance can bring me back to.

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