Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

From This Moment…


Today’s a new day.
Convinced the sun shines for her,
She begins again…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-L3Ii98iXt8E/UKgFLlN1XFI/AAAAAAAAIik/rvpGtDtLJT8/s1600/sad-girl-alone–feelings-broken-heart.jpg

Comments on: "From This Moment…" (24)

  1. It sort of implies that she feels as though she has failed to this point.

  2. 🙂 A Winning Perspective 🙂

    Blessings and Giggles~

  3. You’re amazingly prolific, how do you find the time?

    • Writing doesn’t usually take that much time. It either spills out or I can break it up and revisit when time comes. Finding the right image is the time consuming part! I’m lucky when I find the image before the inspiration. I love having my phone with me to jot down ideas as they come to me. It’s just an easy portable note pad.

      • Phones are useful. It’s so handy to be able to jot down things when they come into your head. I find poetry keeps me sane or less insane.

      • It definitely improves my crazy.

        Sent from my iPad


      • Do you think all poets are a bit insane?

      • I think everyone’s a bit insane. A Poets’ crazy may just be more exposed because they let what’s inside spill out into the world. It’s an admirable, brave crazy. Insane is relative! Your opinion?

        Sent from my iPad


      • I think the great poet John Clare was insane. The trouble is that if you think about things too much then you can get quite depressed. Poets do tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve a bit more than most. Perhaps non-poets just hide their inner thoughts better. You know of late I’ve been thinking about Adolf Hilter who was extremely intelligent, very good at public speaking and a megalomaniac. I assume most people think he was insane but are there a lot of Adolfs around who are just waiting for their chance for power but never get it? It’s an interesting question. I’ve also been thinking about psychopaths. Apparently there are a lot of them around mostly business leaders and leaders in society. Anyway I’m off out tonight, catch you later.

  4. Widow Beach said:

    I love this–I recall days when I truly believed the sun shone for me.

  5. cpsingleton42 said:

    Amen to that, sister from another mister!

  6. I always took each new day as the truest of blessings, when we fall to sleep we are not promised our lives, by faith we accept that one day we will leave this cell of flesh and begin a truly spiritual existence. I awaken every morning with a smile and a prayer of thanks to be able to breathe with the breath he placed within me. Everyday is a day unto it self with its own issues whether good or bad. I love your words and the message within, it reminds me of a poem I wrote


    With the coming of the setting sun,
    When it seems that my day is done
    There is always a continuation of time
    Where I weigh my day’s final outcome

    It’s a time to reflect on the day’s events
    On all the things that made it complete
    For only in reviewing my many steps
    I might find in my sleep a heavenly peace

    I view my mind’s kaleidoscope of images
    Both good and bad and also in between
    For only then might I grow wiser inside
    So a much better life tomorrow I may achieve

    And after fully critiquing this day’s events
    I kneel down by my bed and fervently pray
    That God above might help me to correct
    My many mistakes that were made today.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Have a very blessed day…I promise you I would catch up!!!!

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