Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery



Trapped within the broken reflection,
Pieces scattered on the ground.
Connected to the fallen shards,
Did wholeness ever abound?

Destroyed, like the trust,
She once loosely knew.
Shattered like her hope,
Unfamiliar and askew.

Eyes, smokey black and blue,
The shades all wrong.
Far from reflecting the pain within.
A torturous hurt he prolongs.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://patesco.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/mirror.jpg



Comments on: "Pieces…" (9)

  1. such vivid imagery!! marvelous.

  2. M. Zane McClellan said:

    Your angst is palpable and wonderfully expressed. ~ Michael

  3. A simple wow. that brought back memories. Of those I seen broken and crushed.

  4. Widow Beach said:

    Vivid and haunting.

  5. Enchanting, speaking from the heart deeply in this one! Though we fall in love in our lives, always remember no one is perfect save God, we can always run into his arms when we have pain as long as we have breath in our bodies. He is always your sure foundation as you grow spiritually in this world…pray before you make choices and try to wait on his answer to your prayers…patience is very hard for most, but is a most prized virtue. What you express so vividly many of us can relate because we have been there. Trust in God, he will guide you through this maze of life each day, and keep us from going in circles in our lives! You always express yourself so well…with your embracing soulful words. Hugs to you my sister!

    Here is a poem I wrote back in 1976 after becoming tired of doing things my own way and failing.


    Sometimes I feel so crazy now
    Especially at night, so very alone
    My heart and soul feel so empty
    As my thoughts just seem to roam

    It seems entirely different these days
    How my mistakes I seem to repeat
    Whenever I lead with my emotions
    Not really evaluating what my eyes see

    It seems I become more uneasy now
    No longer sure if I should take a chance
    As it seems each time I lead with my heart
    It always ends in another broken romance

    So I think I’ll hold still for the present
    Placing my faith in God that I will not slip
    And the wife that I have asked Him for
    Will come into my life with a lasting bliss.

    From ‘When Each Day I Write of You’.
    Copyright 2013.

    I wanted change in my life, so I let him make the choices for me so I would not continue going in circles in my life…give it a try my sister, and joyfully move forward! Have a beautiful day my sister…God bless!

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