Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Night Falls Again…


Daylight’s not her friend,
Simply a reminder that night will fall again.
Darkness will blanket her once sunlit world,
And she’ll have to survive, have to endure.

The nightmares that haunt.
The unrelenting torment.
The shadows that have come.
The shadows which have left.
The vigilant watch.
The eyes wide open.
Back against the wall.
No relief until morning…

When light returns,
Only to remind her,
The dark will come again.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014




Comments on: "Night Falls Again…" (22)

  1. اذكر الله والا تبالي

  2. Heavy and haunting, Dark and brooding. A page out of my book. I love this, but hope all is well.

  3. Widow Beach said:

    Interesting that most people fear the night, if they’re haunted–for me it’s the opposite: I stall about going to bed, as I do not like mornings at all.

    • That’s interesting?…

      • Widow Beach said:

        Poor word choice?…

      • No, not at all. Poor reply on my part. I meant “Interesting. Care to expand” when I wrote “interesting?…”. Lame representation of what I was actually trying to say. Question mark was basically saying- “if ya feel like explaining”.

        Sent from my iPad


    • Realize that reply may have been clear as mud. Meant, do you care to expand on why you don’t like mornings? That’s an interesting reality to me.

      • Widow Beach said:

        I’ve never been an a.m. person–I wake up with difficulty, feel worse physically than later on, and am most weighed down by “life” when I wake up to the realization that I’m still here. But as the day goes on, I usually smooth out–Faith and humor kick in and I do something constructive so that when I go to bed eventually, I can feel good about accomplishing some task/project.

      • Still here realization is painful… Ouch. I wish that wasn’t the case for you. And I’m sorry about your physical pain.

        Sent from my iPad


      • Widow Beach said:

        The physical and emotional/mental are all sorta balled up together–so like, now it’s nearly 4pm and I feel pretty “human”, almost ready for the lasagna I threw together!

      • Man! You and your cooking. I make some decent lasagna when I go there! I was a crazy Garfield the cat fan as a kid- can’t think lasagna without him popping in my head! Has the emotional gotten some better with time??? If you don’t mind me asking- please squash the conversation or hit me up on email if I ever jump limits!

      • Widow Beach said:

        I appreciate your respectful interest–unfortunately the answer to that question is long and involved. It’s definitely better most days than it was prior to Mar 2011–the problem is, when it’s bad it goes to “worse” fast and hard, so keeping close to Jesus is crucial.

      • Grief is a beast- often untamable! I am glad you have Jesus. The only grief I’ve had in my life was masked by significant ingestion of chemicals which helped me slide through the particularly hard stuff. Not recommended, but the Jesus method has to be preferred and gentler. Big heart hug I send your way. Wish I could do more- and IF I can- let me know- I will listen.

      • Widow Beach said:

        You’re such a sweetheart–a million thanks.

  4. Powerful poem. I’ve been there. I still struggle with the end of a day and the very beginning of a following one, but in between I regain the balance. This is since the MS became more debilitating. Someimes nights are disturbed by pain and morning seems liike too much of a challenge to get up, showered and dressed. However, I then choose to make the day a good one 😊

  5. Creature of the knight I hide in shadows wishing for the dark to return.
    Silence rules as stars twinkle behind thick dark clouds. Peace for the mind to come to terms of hauntings.Knowing If I can slay them here I can bare the light head on fearless of what will tempt me with.

    😉 If we can face it in most feared hour we always can.

  6. You know your words always touch deeply especially when you feel certain pains in your life, and I will always try to lift you! And I know things change often but I try to get you to see that you do not have to go it alone, and there are wonderful friends here who feel and share your pain with you…

    My Only Salvation

    You are the only path to my salvation,
    With you alone true life will now begin
    From inside your grace is daily produced
    A heavenly hymn that lives deep within

    I will drink of the water from your well
    That will always make me so complete
    So of someone else, I will never have a need
    Because in you alone I only truly believe

    For Lord you created my beginnings
    And all I have daily comes from you
    While I find if I try to solve things alone
    To my dismay they will never come true

    So with joy in my heart I reach out to you
    Hoping for the touch of your sweet embrace
    As I thirst for only the taste of your water
    To daily fill my spirits once empty place.

    I once saw a vision of two images, one was filled from the top to the bottom, and the other was filled only from the feet to the top of the ankles. I was asked what I saw. And so I responded what I saw, and the reply was from He in the vision the one who is full is filled with the many worldly things that people get drunk on everyday…the important things that do not last…the other was one who was spiritually bankrupt trying to find his way but without success. We are and become what we digest the most…worldly things or spiritual things, most of us are severely out of balance. We pray but read the book filled of wisdom and life as much as we watch and enjoy worldly things and you will see a massive change where you enjoy yourself more. So that is my thought for you today. Seek to heal yourself spiritually and you will overcome all things! Hugs and blessings!

    • Beautiful poem Wendell, and such kind and wise counsel. I’m gonna have to put you on the payroll of people who help tame my brand of crazy! This poem was inspired initially by a tv show, and evolved into a deeper place. I’ve felt these emotions in my life- to a frightening degree- but I’m really a lot better. This does not describe my current reality- by the grace if God! Your point about giving God the same amount of time I give things of the world… While I spend time in prayer and study in my Bible daily- certainly not to an impressive degree compared to hangin out in the “worldly”. I pray for God to help me devote more time to Him- I know that’s “where it’s at”! Thank you again kind friend for hangin out with me through the dark and the light. Peace to you.

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