Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

I Do Know Serenity…

I feel her upon my awakenings,
She rests through the night by my side.
She senses when I am sad,
And stays close with watchful eyes.

Peaceful, comforting, and loyal,
The serenity I’m blessed to know
I asked for “God to grant me”,
And He made it so…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

My cat Serenity- her name suits her!


Comments on: "I Do Know Serenity…" (7)

  1. Love this….love my fur babies too…..thank you for putting it to poetic words my friend.

    • Sweet babies. Working on a little one for my boy cat- his name is Halo- doesn’t live up to it as much as serenity! LOL I’ve always had cats- from the nine million that cruised around the five acres I grew up on to my own little house cats. They are a must!

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      • Three myself and two nit wit pups…blessings though…halo sounds like my jihad terrorist, real name Meep, doesn’t meow, just meeps…aka fat squishy…18 lbs of love?

      • Lol! Boy cats are always so needy! He’s a character. He jumps straight from the floor up to my shoulder and just hangs out while I walk around doing little house tasks carrying him like a baby. He opens doors, can’t sit still. Call him my little ADHD cat! They are big lap cats. I love that. 18 lbs of squishy? Lots to love!

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  2. Widow Beach said:

    I’m not a pet person, but this is very very nice!

  3. A beautiful poem and photo! What a lovely name for your cat to have. The Serenity Prayer has and does stand me in good stead. 😊 ( you cant beat a squishy cat)! 😄

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