Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Slippery places aren’t so slippery anymore,
Am I right to assume?
Is that a belief with validity?
Enough to pull me through?

If I walk alone to the casino floor,
Just a twenty (as if!) in my hand.
Fully hydrated, so as to avoid drinks,
Will my restraint gene kick in?

Rhetorically I ask,
I pose the question even to myself.
Knowing I generally end up testing limits,
I don’t even think… I SET for myself!!!

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Hours later… All is well.
Did I slip by or succeed?
Either way I choose to think,
Slippery places aren’t as slippery!!!


Comments on: "Alcoholic Slippery Places, Less Slippery in time?" (7)

  1. I think you’re doin’ great, Kiddo. God bless you.

  2. Slippery places do indeed become less slippery, but always surround yourself with trusted companions and a wary eye if you must tempt fate. Self awareness of your comfort level is crucial. Everyone’s limitations. temptations, and pitfalls vary greatly so knowing YOU and listening to your inner voice is important. Be well always my friend.

    • Thanks. Your perspective is always appreciated. This weekend my husband and I hung on the strip for a company function. I had a lot if time to myself- to write and temp fate and write about tempting fate… LOL. I made it. God had to work overtime pulling me through some if it- but back to some semblance of normalcy today. Phew!

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  3. You are blossoming, but I agree always have someone near to you who looks after your best interest always. Nicely written!

    • Thanks. My prideful “I got this” attitude is pesky. I know God’s with me, but He gave me a “sound mind” (although that doesn’t role off the tongue!). All turned out okay, thankfully.

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