Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Surface State…


Small ripples steal away placidity,
Slight as they are.
They’re enough to disrupt,
And from peace, disbar.

Gentle waves excite,
Once dull, still waters.
Awakening the lifeless from slumber,
Bringing purification and order.

Unable to remain still,
To remain at all.
No longer slow undercurrents,
Now a surface war.

Desired motion upon the motionless,
Attracting visual senses to beauty.
Convincing it’s worthy of attention,
When it might otherwise not be seen.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

pic: http://www.absolutearts.com/art-for-sale/themes/Abstract-Landscape/Abstract-Landscape-76.html


Comments on: "Surface State…" (16)

  1. I like the beginning especially, as it describes the ripples disrupting my peace….

    • Well that’s absolutely no fun! I’m sorry to hear that. I hope things are okay overall. Wishing you restored placidity!!!

      • Remember that song, “walkin’ on broken glass”??

      • Enough to answer yes but not enough for it to be playing in my head! My feet have a few of those scars. Sorry you’re there.

      • It’s been kind of chronic since December–but I have to hope–what else is there? Either we believe God is FOR us, or we don’t–I absolutely DO believe it, so He’s got something goin’ through this time, and even more when I come through it. Hallelujah–Praise His Name.

      • Amen to that. He digs it when we praise through the storm! Offer still stands if you ever need an ear- just shoot me some mail. You have a great attitude about the situation- not everyone can say the same. I hope the wisdom you gain in the end is rich!

        Sent from my iPad


      • Thank you again for your offer, hon–I’ll keep it in mind, truly. I only have a “great” attitude (and trust me, I don’t wear it 24/7) because of what HE did with my life 3 years ago. I had been a Christian forever, but really didn’t “get” it–no power, no manifestation of the Holy Spirit, just dry as dust and hangin’ on by my fingertips. Honestly, there was no real “relationship” with Jesus. But during Easter week, 2011, the Holy Trinity showed up like Ghostbusters, Superman and the Terminator all together–I caught the revelation of ALL JESUS IS, ALL that He died for me to have–Life, JOY, Peace, Purpose, FUN, Grace in Spades, and on and on. I had the best Easter of my whole 59 year life, and I stayed on a Holy Spirit high for a Long time. There were little dips and struggles, and I came through victoriously because HE is the One who fights for us! But gradually things kinda piled up–I was fine this past November, and then my neighbor suddenly died during Christmas week. My heart was broken, and I couldn’t understand why God would just leave me here amid the rest of my neighbors who the devil clearly owns. The oppression is so thick everyday. I cried to Jesus, “You only would have had to come up 17 steps to get me, the night you took Tim Home–why didn’t You?” And I had lost another unfortunate neighbor earlier in the year…. So, if you want to pray for something specific, I’m begging God to bring me 2 new neighbors who will be folks I can love and cook/bake for–they can be disabled, but I don’t want anymore of the druggie/drinkers who just create trouble and rob my peace. Well, there ya go–a good chunk to chew on for now!

      • True faith is such a powerful and amazing gift, and I’m so glad you received it in its higher form! Moving from belief to faith and trust… Rockin’ experience!

        I’m sorry for your loss. Sounds like you are in a God conundrum for sure. Practicing junkies are kind of rowdy, admittedly, I’m sure I gave plenty a neighbor much grief back in the day… Ya know… A little over a year ago!!! LOL. I need to operationally define “back in the day” don’t I?!

        Interestingly, the first thing that came to mind when you said God left you with the rest of your neighbors “The devil clearly owns”… Was that maybe you are the one who can yank them away from him somehow. People the devil has in his nasty little grasp aren’t bad people- just deceived I figure. If it’s by nothing more than watching how you live… You may have a purpose there. But I’ll jump on the “bring me good neighbors” prayer train. Support among the crazy is imperative!!!

        But I really am sorry for the loss you are feeling. Sounds like a big and painful change to adjust to. God’s got you!!!!!

        Sent from my iPad


      • I’ve had people tell me I’m the Light in this community, and I’m always struggling/praying/whining that God would hurry up and give me a better attitude, softer heart. Truly, I have tried ministering to them–offering them home cooked foods. The biggest struggle is having patience to tolerate their self-centered behavior–good grief. And I SO agree with you that these folks are Deceived, Blind, etc–for now, the devil indeed owns them. I pray for them all nightly–but I confess I won’t make sainthood this year unless I get another miraculous heart-intervention this Easter. Thanks loads for your prayers!!

      • Lol. I don’t even know that I will make “play saint on TV” this year! Feel ya. It’ll work out for good in the end. Impressed with your attitude!

        Sent from my iPad


      • Thank you–I needed a boost tonight. I love the “play saint on TV”–shoot, I couldn’t pass the audition, I’m sure! They might offer me the role of “grumpiest woman on the block”. Wish you were here, you could help me eat the yummy hot spinach-artichoke dip I made….

      • Lol. Fastest way to an aspiring saints heart is through their stomach!

        Sent from my iPhone


      • I may have to make brownies, too–are you tempted yet?

      • Lol. You had me at artichokes and spinach- but sure!

        Sent from my iPhone


  2. The colors are so very soothing and full of life…they give birth to a wonderful smile! I have missed your words…but know that you never disappoint! Hugs and blessings!

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