Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Recapture The Rapture…

Other than just shutting down the stimuli,
I don’t know how to shut down the stimuli.
So much coming in all at once,
And I liiiike it!

That’s what the white walls are for. But, I PREFER COLOR!

It’s like when you get a taste of something you like,
And you want more.
You don’t want the feeling to end,
Trying, usually in vain, to sustain it… Fleeting…

Pausing to consider the “friendly”, often proves problematic.
A sense of loss, for the eventual loss ensues.
Acknowledging that it won’t last forever,
Brings the “high” down to unsustainable.

Stimuli remains massive.
Eruptions of thoughts continue.
But I have to fight the mood shift.
And I plan to!!!


It’s hard to recapture the rapture…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014


Comments on: "Recapture The Rapture…" (4)

  1. This sounds a bit scary.

    • Overthinking again. Probably a bit cryptic. Imagine the amount of words I’d spill if I explained it fully! Good with the bad. Focus on the friendly in the moment- that’s the trick I suppose. Writing this slapped me back to the now. Screw the decline. But it really does remind me of my using days (uh, put your Dr. Phill hat on), I spent a good amount of time mourning the loss of a high while the high was still there- total waste! Ha! Waste! Addict buzz-word! There’s soooo many benefits to living in the moment. I realize this is a totally pathological argument for staying present… Yet the idea is the same.

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  2. It is finding our high in different places in different ways.
    To smile and enjoy the beauty of a journey.
    keep smiling it helps and suits you best 😀
    thumbs up.

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