Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


Amid the noise and table of double digits,
All participating in a sangria cheers.
A laughter and enjoyment I must transcend,
I look, and I see you there.

A single carnation, wine glass backdrop,
Empty vessel with purity as it’s void.
A bright pink, passion filled beauty,
With her graceful solitude, I identify and join.

A center of focus,
She’s soft to the touch.
Visual details refined to perfection,
God’s hand reached out to quell alcoholic lust.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

pic: my collection



Comments on: "Gift of Centering Beauty…" (6)

  1. Wowza–would you believe I almost bought carnations at the grocery store 15 minutes ago? There were pinks and reds, but they weren’t “perfect” (looked a bit ragged) so I bought cashews instead… Love the poem.

    • LOL! Cashew bouquet works. And they are nutritious and digestible! Too funny. That’s bad when carnations look bad- they usually last forever!

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      • Well, it’s a grocery store ya know–not like a real florist. I could have bought the Panama roses, they looked better, very pretty, but I didn’t want to spend the money (actually they were the same price as the cashews). Off to Living Room Church now!

      • Friendly. Enjoy. I wish I could have fresh flowers but my cats would eat them… Destroy them.

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  2. The image is very lovely! I always love flowers, especially with a lot of color, they just make the moment better, especially when their aroma embraces! Thanks for sharing E!

    • Aren’t they amazing. I love to touch and feel them as much as I love to smell them! My favorite ” touch” flower is a pansy- every child I’ve ever known gets a “velvet flower” touch experience- they are always just as amazed and filled with wonder as I am. God is such an artist!

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