Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

A Connection To The Sea…


There is a shell beside me now,
I retrieved from the ocean blue.
I place my ear against its form,
Hearing the sounds of waves made new.

The air is laced with a delicate mist,
The wind is random and sporadic.
Gulls soar and dive with precision,
I know electric enchantment in the synaptic.

Individual grains of sand take flight,
Capsules of histories’ lasting imprints.
Evidential footprints untouched,
To be washed away by salty grips.

The feelings adrift within my core,
Align with the tides’ ebb and flow.
Calmness blankets my spirit,
Peace refreshes my soul.

I am wrapped in solitude’s stillness,
Safe upon the diminishing shoreline.
As I ponder things of old,
Swallowed by the sea over time.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic: http://wallpaperswa.com/Animals/Birds/green_abstract_blue_trees_birds_2560x1440_wallpaper_34846ve


Old poem revision.

Comments on: "A Connection To The Sea…" (13)

  1. A Beautiful combination of Lovely verse and breathtaking photo 🙂

  2. Really beautiful rhymes which capture the serenity of the ocean and the beach side setting. Amazingly picturesque with a stunning use of poetic English vernacular. Terrific!

  3. Oh I love, love, love this–did I tell you I’m a Sister of the Sea?

    • You did… Totally got you confused with another blogger friend – in my defense, both names start with m… LOL… work with me!). I commented that you were on my mind when I posted this- knew you would dig it.

      • See, my brain is a colander–can’t remember much a’tall! And we have another S o S, Betty Hayes Albright (I think her blog is Raindance Poetry…not sure). I sent her the link for your wonderful Sand Dollar poem, and she enjoyed it much.

      • Fun! I’m grateful when I get partial credit for memory! Not really my strong suit… Hmmmm, perhaps that’s why I write everything down. Hmmmmm again, perhaps writing everything down makes me not put effort in to remembering. Obviously gifted at overthinking however! 😜

      • Ohh, I know about overthinking–the bane of my existence since I was born.

      • Hmmm… Now you’ve sparked a question of what I thought about at initial brain development, what defines actual thought for a fetus? LOL. I THINK IM DONE NOW.

        Sent from my iPad


      • Get a snack, sit back and watch some mindless TV for awhile–you’re gonna strain somethin’, girlfriend, and then where will we be? (said in a “mom” voice)

      • We would probably be in the realm of nonsensical rhyme! Since I feel the compulsion to narrate my experiences pretty regularly. Not opposed to forced initiation of that process. Ohhhhhh to live in my head…

        Sent from my iPad


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