Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Winged Vocalists…

Song birds vocally manifest,
Their inherent beauty.
Massaging sound waves,
Carried delicately on the breeze.

Colorful, feathered art,
Ornamentally perched.
Effortlessly spreading the melodic,
Through cheerful, unrestrained verse.

My heart is filled with joy,
As I breathe in natures’ musicians.
Hearing beyond auditory senses,
Seeing beyond my vision.

Tempo becomes tangible,
Treble clefs dangle in flight.
Rhythm is random perfection,
Refrains’ sustain moments through rewind.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic: http://www.etsy.com/market/birds_music


Comments on: "Winged Vocalists…" (15)

  1. Excellent: “Rhythm is random perfection”. “Nature’s musicians” is a really wonderful idea as well.

    • Thanks. It’s all kinds of spring-like here in vegas… Listening to the melodic songs of the birds outside my window was inspiring yesterday. So beautiful.

      • You’re welcome. Sounds wonderful. I wish it were more spring-like here. This winter seems never ending. Hope you’re having beautiful day.

      • Ty. I hope you have a beautiful day as well!
        We have a tendency to want what we don’t have! I have really missed winter this year, granted our winter is quite tame by comparison to yours. I finally quit my internal complaining! It’s beautiful- perfect hiking weather, and the homeless are warm! About perspective.

  2. Really loved this one!

  3. M. Zane McClellan said:

    Very nicely done! Loved it.

  4. Truly Lovely 🙂 I went outside this morning and heard birdsong…and it was wonderful 🙂

  5. I really like the line, “Treble clefs dangle in flight”–it’s so visual!

    • Thanks- treble clefs are delightfully artistic by design! Hmmmm… Now I feel the need to know how it came to be??????

      In case I got ya wondering the same- just found this – not a lot of time to get too deep -but this’ll do for now. And, since the internet is HIGHLY ACCURATE always… 😉bhere is the link to check out yourself: http://www.highhopes.com/musicsymbols.html Have a fantastic, music-filled day! “The Treble-clef, also called G-clef or violin clef, identifies the note on the staff from which all the other notes are referenced. The word clef means key. The lower inside loop of the Treble-clef goes around the second line from the bottom of the staff. This line represents G above middle C on the piano. (An 8 below the Treble-clef would indicate an octave below this.) The Treble-clef or G-clef symbol originated by using the letter G, representing G above middle C. It changed as shown below.”

      Sent from my iPad


      • Oh my–I am so NOT musically inclined, can’t sing a note on key, but I do love music….and I sing unashamed in private!

  6. Picture didn’t show up in lady reply- it’s pretty – can see at link

  7. Beautiful piece E. Love it to musical pieces.

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