Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


If I’m to walk in the spirit,
I have to take steps in faith.
It’s easy to remain stagnant,
A slave to my self-centered ways.

I must be tuned in,
Listening for the still, quiet voice.
Which leads me on the narrow path,
And buffers against worldly noise.

While the spirit voice always speaks,
I sometimes attempt to ignore.
Hands on ears “la-la-la-la-la-la-la”,
A sad scene for sure.

At times, the darkness I embrace,
Pours acid on my soul.
Muffles the voice of the spirit,
Making it less recognizable.

I get caught up in self will,
Seeking only that which I desire.
I try to make my steps my own,
And often walk straight into fire.

To do the “next right thing”,
I must obey Holy Spirit promptings.
An obedience I cannot adhere to,
While entertaining enemy tauntings.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/20/introverts-signs-am-i-introverted_n_3721431.html


Comments on: "Walking In The Spirit…" (11)

  1. Love this E. Such a heartfelt piece

    • Thanks, it’s funny, earlier after reading your post on faith and trust- a great one by the way- I was going to comment on how wild it was that we were doing that “writers vibe” thing again. Well, I realize that having the word “faith” in my poem didn’t quite count as a duplicate theme from a distance episode! Such a goof. Did not have to share that. Just smile and nod over there. 😀

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  2. Really loved this!

  3. I really enjoyed it, felt like I was walking along side of you E! It had to be nice, when I walk my 2 miles I always feel like God is always with me! Nice message and wonderfully written!

    • Thank you. I’ve gotta escape the noise sometimes. And occasionally I’m successful at giving it the slip! Trick is to remain tuned in among the cacophony.

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  4. I try to make my steps my own, And often walk straight into fire. That is spot on perfection. Beautiful piece.

    • Thanks. It’s tricky trying to surrender my will. Something I find I must do on purpose. So unnatural, sad to say. I wonder if that changes with practice??? It’s just a delight to follow little “promptings” and discover unexpected surprises/blessings. Like the hummingbird I spoke of in my recent poem… I felt a pull in that particular direction, not where I was originally going- what a gift! Perhaps it was a little reward for obedience??? Perhaps… I like to pretend I know how Gods working! LOL.

      God totally knows what He’s doing, and I’m regularly reminded that what He has in store is what’s best, and I figure, based on how awesome things turn out when I follow, that they are way better than they would have been if I led. I’m learning. Sometimes it seems easier- guess when I spend more time With Him and stay “plugged in”.

      Walking into fire is no fun!

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