Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

All Smiles…


There’s a smiling stone,
Which can give you “rock” hard abs.
When he makes you laugh!

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

pic: my collection (from Red Rock Canyon).

I came across this little guy while hiking today- too cute not to share! Hope this finds you smiling and well.


Comments on: "All Smiles…" (6)

  1. I LOVE it–what a gift to find!!

    • It’s so cute right?! He is still there chilin in his “happy place”… At least he was! I find heart shaped rocks most everywhere I go- have since forever- I’m sure part of that is because I look, so now I’m gonna have to put these guys on my radar now!!! Fun!

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      • How unselfish of you to leave him in his place–I’m sure I would have taken him home…. It’s true that if we look/seek, we will find!

      • I find that “law” to be very accurate! Trick, in my opinion, is to SEEK what is good. Evil reveals itself if it’s sought also!

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      • Oh you’re so right.

      • Perhaps a conversation for another platform, but I think it explains a lot of the deceit in the world. There is a supernatural realm- and good and evil exist- there’s power in the spiritual- I’ve seen God do some groovy things for example. Seeking “power” from an evil source and having that source “respond” and feed our egos (hungry little scavengers that they are!), might motivate one to keep seeking. Not bad people… Just deceived I figure. Yeeaaah, that was a quick sum and I’m not sure it makes all that much sense- but that’s what’s jumped out of my head. Thanks for letting me share!!!

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