Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

You’ve been instrumental,
In helping me to change.
Many have tried before,
But I always remained the same.

You helped me open my eyes,
When I didn’t even know they were shut.
Exposing the falsities I’d subscribed to,
As destructive and corrupt.

You showed me there’s a different way,
To live this life I’ve been given.
That existing needn’t be such a struggle,
And I can escape my self-made prison.

You sold me hope with love,
In exchange for surrender.
Convincing me there’s a better way,
Than my adopted misadventures.

You laid out a map of sorts,
Leading to a different life.
And you showed me some tools,
To help me live it right.

You saw things in me,
Things I couldn’t see or understand.
I didn’t even know to look,
For the devil’s contraband.

You’ve touched so many lives,
And I know you’ll touch many more.
I wish you success and blessings,
As you walk through new doors.

You’ll always hold a special place,
Deep within my heart.
A place reserved by God Himself,
One for you He specifically carved.

Know you’ve made an impact,
That you are a strong light in darkness.
I pray you continue your crusade with vigor,
And fulfill your God-assigned purpose…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

This is dedicated to a man who helped me change my life through recovery from drugs and alcohol.  I, as an alumni of the treatment program I was in, have been able to revisit his lectures two days a week.  He will be moving on to another position now. He will be missed. 

Comments on: "To James: You Will Be Missed…" (20)

  1. So glad he is only changing positions. At first I was sure this was another RIP tribute to a friend that people like you and I know all too well my friend. Touching tribute and beautiful poem.

    • Boy, I’ve needed a few “notes” on my poems lately. So glad that’s not where this one led. He’s a great human being, and he really will be missed.

      Sent from my iPad


  2. Hopefully you will be able to keep in touch. Inspirational leaders and mentors are important to keep close. If not in person, than with the adherence to the beliefs and ideas he has led you to in your quest for permanent sobriety. Best wishes Dear E.

    • Thanks sweets. There are many “ethical” issues I guess that keep us (us=people from my specific class – we are going to class tomorrow to say goodbye) from keeping in close contact. But I will always remember him and the lessons he introduced and helped me comprehend.

      Sent from my iPad


  3. I feel your heart so much! The touch of your heart and spirit always so genuine and real, so faithfully true…you are a true blessing my sister. Hugs and blessings to you from afar, because your happiness always finds a home within! Happy Valentines to you! Know you are always loved and you can overcome all things with your faith!

    • Thank you dear Wendell. I’m grateful for my faith, I know With God I can overcome anything. The people we meet on our journey, either positive or negative forces, help shape us…help us grow. James is one of the positive forces, and friends like you, who lift me up with supportive kindness, are also instrumental. Thank you. Have a happy valentines day too!

    • Hey, thanks for the article reference. I agree that it’s highly individual. I think if the posts are lengthy, less frequent posts may be better- that’s just personal preference since I rarely sit down with my short attention span and read really long pieces. I’m fond of poetry posts or photography because I enjoy them, gain so much from them, and can absorb a large variety of them. I felt pressure when I started my blog to post every day… That got tedious and inauthentic- quality suffered I think. Now, when I feel inspired, I post. Sometimes I write a few pieces and save them to post later- not trying to have overkill. I don’t think there are any specific “rules” one needs to follow- what works, works I figure. What do YOU think about the article?

      Sent from my iPad


      • I liked it. I used to post once a day but found I was using a lot of material. I was chatting with one blogger and she reckoned you had to build up a relationship with your followers. I’m not sure I agree with that. Also I find that if people post blog entries too much I get tired of them. If some of them are a bit bland or long winded I feel tempted to unfollow them. That is why I’m trying to do once a week now. For me this works but when I read the article it seems like it’s whatever works best for you whether once or twice weekly or even daily. I certainly feel less pressure myself blogging only once a week. I think it’s a case as you say of quality over quantity. I’m like you I don’t like long blogs. I don’t read novels either. In fact I do prefer short blogs. I suppose everyone’s attention span is affected by mobiles, computers and tv.

      • Lol. True about the distractions! My vote is post when your gut says to. Even assigning a rule of “once a week” can still box you in perhaps???? Thanks again for getting my wheels turning this AM!

        Sent from my iPad


  4. Oh, what a lovely tribute poem. I’m so grateful that you’ve come a long way on your journey, and that God is bringing you good people to help and guide. He only wants the Best for us. I keep you in my prayers and close to my heart, please know that–I have issues and darkness too, though they don’t happen to be addictions, so I’m well familiar with struggles and how much courage it take to keep moving forward. (Hint: you may pray for me too in this uncomfortable season.) God bless you–love, Mirada

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