Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


Atop the empire
Concrete jungle down below
Shouldn’t have looked down!

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

pic: my collection


Comments on: "View From The Top (Empire State Building)…" (26)

  1. That’s high. I like it.

  2. wonderful picture. check out my blog….I have a poem “six seconds” about a woman who jumped from the top of the Empire State Building. Her photo made the cover of LIFE magazine as “The Most Beautiful Suicide”.

  3. Made me too dizzy!

  4. cpsingleton42 said:

    Jeepers, lovely! Loved the poem!!

  5. Guessing that you are visiting NYC at the moment. (see how sharp I am? I got things ALL figured out! LMAO) Anyway, me and heights aren’t very good buds. Not like you and me E. lol. Travel safe and have fun.

    • Not to shatter your “I’ve got it figured out” belief over there… I respect how important that concept is!!!! This was taken back in the day… Probably 2005 ish. Lived in Philly a while and took a train to NY sometimes. Amazing for me-I grew up on five acres of (countryish) land in Texas… It was a punch in the gut feeling seeing that city skyline for the first time! Overwhelming and awe inspiring! A fantastic adventure on my journey for sure! I’ll take the well wishes! Thanks!

      Sent from my iPad


      • So the gull was a fading memory as well? Damn my ego now……………I was wr….wr…….w……wro…. w……..w………Damnit!!!!! I wasn’t right. LOL. Anywayze………………Wonder what other things I don’t have figured out like I think I do? UH OHHHH
        You may keep the well wishes though E. Use them wisely.

      • You are too funny! In your defense… When a person busts out a “NY” themed archive revival session -what are ya supposed to think!

        Sent from my iPad


      • Thanks for having my back. If it was just one post I might not have thought it, but two in rapid fire, and I was fooled. Probably a lot warmer in Vegas anyway. You were raised in Texas??? Hmmmm
        Guess I won’t hold that against you my friend.

      • LOL… I remember the love I DIDN’T get when I visited CA at 18! I was too high to really care… But still… I’m a groovy Texas specimen in my opinion. So what’s the beef with texans exactly?

        Sent from my iPad


      • You are indeed a groovy specimen my friend. Not such a huge beef with Texans so much as just about every professional sports team from those parts. I have never been so I can’t speak for the people and I am sure the country is beautiful in places, But being a Northern California Native and a 49er fan from almost birth, I developed an early distaste for all things Dallas Cowboy. (except the cheerleaders, I have a pulse. LOL). As the years have passed that and other rivalries have strengthened my rivals eye view. But I have nothing bad to say about the people except that the few I have met tend to be on the brash egotistical side. (perhaps too much like me!! LOL) But way too small a sample size to form an opinion, and you my sweet friend would be the deal breaker anyway. As far as the rest of the state having a beef with Texas, I wasn’t even aware that existesd outside the sporting realm.

      • Noted. What I’m hearing out of all that is: Texas women rock! LOL. It generally comes down to sports! Try being an “out” cowboys fan in Philly! Lol. I’m not a crazy football chick… Short attention span I suppose. Could there be any more pauses?!!!! But I like all the ESPN back stories and biographies (ESPN is the soundtrack in the house). The whole idea of competition and rivalries and real life issues and player backgrounds (psychological stuff)… But there… I can fast forward thru the commercials! LOL.

        Sent from my iPad


      • That side of it has always fascinated me as well. As an amateur athlete of sorts (Cycling, And Texas is responsible for Lance Armstrong so thanks for that) I am always fascinated by an athletes lifestyle as much as I am how they train. Then there is the entertainment value of the sport they perform in. So I enjoy it all. The Dallas Stars Hockey team is another huge pest. I am a teal bleeding San Jose Sharks fan. (My Home town). You know what this means right? You must truly be something special. An “OUT” Dallas Cowboys fan and I enjoy speaking with you on a friendly and intelligent level. I respect you that much Elizabeth. LOL.

      • I’m open! I could love that team as well! LOL. TY for the honor of your friendship and your sacrifice. San Jose is where I visited one of my step cousins… Was awesome- and weather I wanted to bottle up a take home!

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      • Perhaps that was an unfair question. You know there are exceptions in most cases. We can leave it at that. My bad.

      • Not unfair at all E. If it were reversed I would want to know too. And there are ALWAYS exceptions. You and your friendly and sweet demeanor are proof positive of that. The heat in Texas, and Vegas for that matter would drive me nuts. Whereabouts were you brought up?

      • Houston area- south Texas heat and HUMIDITY are brutal. Not a lot of good hair days in the summer especially. My favorite months are November (have my “kiss of November” poem if ur interested) and March- cooler and dry. Went to school in San Antonio- still hot but less humid.

        Sent from my iPad


      • I would live with the heat. The HUMIDITY would kill me. I like feeling clean for more than 30 seconds after a shower thanks. LOL.

      • Me too!!!!! I had to think cold thoughts (which melted as fast as my makeup) just to get to my car!!! And then there is the whole waiting for the ac gig! Yikes… I sure am complaining! My bad, again!

        Sent from my iPad


      • All valid complaints my friend. Relatable and valid.

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