Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Do You Wonder Too?

Behind those soft and dreaming eyes,
What is it that you see?
What secrets dwell just beyond,
Your sealed lids of mystery?

As the floral night’s fragrance,
Christens each unlabored breath.
Surrounded by slumbers’ gentle sway,
What visions do you collect?

In your peaceful reprieve from the day,
When the world’s placed upon you its share.
And serenity reclaims your countenance,
Who, in rest, is with you there?

What warrants your unquestioned allegiance,
To the unseen nocturnal helmsman?
As you sail upon steady waves of entrancement,
Returning to center, time and again?

Upon awakening,
From the eves peaceful slumber,
Do you find it’s these same things,
That you too ponder?

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/494435-bigthumbnail.jpg


Comments on: "Do You Wonder Too?" (13)

  1. Mesmerizing words Bud E. I am always captivated by your talent. Here I sit just waiting for serenity to reclaim my countenance. Beautiful words.

    • ROTFL! Waiting for serenity to reclaim your countenance huh? I think the beauty in that phrase has been replaced with a painful belly laugh now!!! LOL. Maybe it’s just me. Thank you for you always kind words. And, I’m sure for the wrong reasons, but having the word “bud” in front of my E… Makes me happy! Signed, your Bud-E.

      • Let’s just say that the world “today has placed upon me it’s share” (and maybe a few others share as well. lol. So may serenity come quickly and reclaim whatever it wants as long as it brings some rest. LOL. Glad you got such a chuckle though. And no 420 references intended. Just a clever way to spell buddy including your first initial my friend. I saw you do it that way once, (by accident I guess?) and thought it looked cool. So it’s just for you. May it make you smile every time I use it.

      • Lol…no accident my friend! Works with many words, crazE, sillE, even my nieces call me aunt E…

        Sorry about the more than your share day… You may have to rope her in – but I hope you end up cozy with serenity tonight… Even if she’s just a cardboard cutout! But wear protection cause you don’t wanna get a painful paper cut!!! Rest well!

      • Wow Elizabeth. You are in a playful mood tonight. I love it. Thanks for the smile. Serenity in the form of a cardboard cut out would be just a one dimensional tease though. I need the real thing.
        And apparently it works just as well for Naught-E!!
        Lotsa love.


      • LOL… You are right… That won’t do! And there are a multitude of words that apply… And apparently… That is one too! I hate to limit my adjective options.

      • The sky is the limit with the adjectives E. And as writers let’s hope we find a good use for all the POSITIVE adjectives. Keep Inspiring


  2. ‘What warrants your unquestioned allegiance, to the unseen nocturnal helmsman?’
    Where do you receive your inspiration? The intellectual properties, the amazing use of alliteration and the brilliant imagery (‘floral night’s fragrance’ is killer!) of your well worded lines are breathtaking Ma’am. It seems the pieces you produce grow ever more entertainingly. Very well done!

    • Thank you! Man, you deserve the “commenter of the year” award! That should sooo be a thing! You really do make my day with each of your “comment blessings”! Have a blessed day!

  3. Like walking on clouds so light I feel.
    Goodness gracious how i like to dream like that.

  4. Your words enchantingly embrace with an alluring touch. Your happiness shows to be alive and well through your words…it brings to life and leaves a lasting smile. It is so easy to enjoy and love what you share…when it comes from deep within. Hugs and blessings and have a super day E!

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