Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery



I want what I want when I want it!
The five year old inside revolts in a thrashing display,
No restraint for the moment.

She knows not why she has to wait.
It makes no sense to her.
She fears waiting means it will never come,
Delay equates to refusal, as it were.

Yet, waiting is a part of life,
Another thing I can’t control.
So I guess I’ll stop my thrashing,
And seek patience through letting go.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://www.homeonderanged.com/2013/03/tantrums-are-kinda-like-parties/



Comments on: "Immediacy…" (12)

  1. Is this poem making reference to waiting for a man?

  2. I bet there’s a queue.

  3. Boy this has me so relating. Impatience is a killer. Frustration and fear of the never always abounds. Thanks for this reminder Elizabeth.

  4. The way the message of this poem is capable of relating to a wealth of individuals and circumstances is genius.
    ‘She knows not why she has to wait’ brilliant line! I have a thing for words that are spun together in a style that is not stereotypically colloquial.
    Additionally, the lines and rhymes are very well orchestrated!
    On side note, nice profile photo – has anyone ever said you look a bit like Rachel Miner?

  5. Thank you! And no one has said that… But I guess I could see a little resemblance in some of her photos- eyes especially. Ty for pointing that out- it’s fun to find ” twinsies” in the world!

  6. verbnflow said:

    I should save this so I know what I look like when I’m being impatient. Great words. Great visual.

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