Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Slow Song Surrender…


The allure of the slow paced lyrical flow,
Acoustics in imperfect harmony.
Notes collectively scattered,
Combined independently.

She tugs at reluctant finger tips,
Bare feet vainly wedged in the sand.
Long white skirt set ablaze in flare,
By the powerful pressing wind.

Resistance only temporary,
There’s inevitable surrender.
But hesitation is necessary,
Prior to intentional misadventure.

The in-between affords time to choose,
The perspective, the interpretive angle.
Yet, attention to the soft pauses,
Requires thought strands to be untangled.

Once given to the music’s pull,
The soulful poetic verbal display,
Fear of loss, transforms into a merging of entities.
The slow acoustic melody has it’s way…

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Picture: http://www.colourbox.com/vector/acoustic-guitar-with-abstract-swirl-isolated-on-background-vector-vector-2167972





Comments on: "Slow Song Surrender…" (16)

  1. Love this. Music has so many ways to entice, entangle, ensnare, and entrap the imagination. Beautiful work.

    • Thanks bud-aroni!!! Hmmm, that’s a little marijuanaesque… Gotta work on that one! Thanks for applying a lyrical comment to this particular poem!!!

      • Lol, It also makes me wanna eat fake Italian food out of a can Chef Boyardee style. Keep workin on the Bud-isms. Sounds kinda like a religion. LOL.

      • Lol…DON’T DOOOOO IT!!! I know I worshipped MJ for a very long while- wish I was one of the lucky ones who gets to partake… But I had some good times and we parted friends. Besides a line of white showing up under my nose… I worry about not being able to resist weed if it were before me… I do find myself inhaling longingly any trace my nose picks up! LOL. Lots of God and lots of not me!

      • We have so much in common it’s scary. Mary was my high school sweetheart. And my college roommate, and…………etc, etc. I too wish for the good old days with MJ at my side. But it is all for the best. All that smoke would just get in the way of my cycling and fitness goals anyway.

      • True… The gym would probably need to keep an oxygen tank near me… You’re not really supposed to ever exhale right??????? I believe that It’s just not something I can personally do – messes me up and introduces me to her other friends. Just pray I “pass” that test… Puff puff… Just popped in my head!!

      • Gateway Mary. Yup. I feel the same way. And it would be SO easy to get my “Green” card here in California. Imagine having a prescription? JEEZ.
        Medicine Kills. LOL. Maybe someday, but sure as HELL not now.

      • That would be crazy. I’m in vegas and they are talking about it. God grew it, and uncorrupted she’s super friendly… Just not for me!!! : (

      • I agree. If it weren’t for my addictive predisposition we would still be close friends. But as a result we have to remain apart. Ahhhh well. I know it is for the best. I just miss her sweet sticky perfume from time to time.

      • Oh yeaaahhhh… THAT’S HELPING!! Nice!

      • Sorry. My total bad. I thought that after I hit reply. Subject change.
        So how’s the weather in Vegas Liz?
        May I call you Liz? Probably not.

      • Print have to be all formal- many people call me Liz – well, have over my lifetime. Elizabeth is first choice- but not friendly to consistently type! BUT I prefer we avoid Lizzie! My saying that is not license to call me that!! Lol.

  2. Feel like dancing now.. love it.. thank you

  3. Music is always so healing for my heart, mind and soul! You hit the nail on the head with your descriptive words….I loved the poem! Have a beautiful day!

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