Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Ray Of Hope…


Sheltered by the newness of dawn,
While dark’s offering its farewells.
Is a ray of hope, born from light,
Upon the cusp of love fulfilled.

It stretches far beyond the seen,
Reaching the depths of the unknown.
Illuminating dark places,
Showing the lost the way back home.

The ray of hope will never fade,
Although rain and fog may settle.
For hope’s born and sustained by God,
Ruler of the transcendental.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Picture: http://www.kawaprints.com/prints/ray-of-hope/






Comments on: "Ray Of Hope…" (6)

  1. He he Good morning.. a reason to start the day with a smile, time and time again.
    Keep smiling

  2. May hope always be in abundance, and be carried in a basket of Faith………..

  3. The enchanting melody of your words makes my spirit dance along with them, as they are blessed with a lasting smile…because of their spirit of joy within! God bless, your happiness shines through!

    • I’m CHOOSING to focus on positives… My lows can get pretty dark- more like poison- just trying not to play with it right now! I’m riding happy as long as I can!

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