Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Pesky Dark Side!!!

I often know trouble when I see it.
I can recognize it afar off.
Yet I typically go running in its direction.
Why? I – know – not!

If there is a risk to be taken,
Considering minimal probability of death.
I sometimes jump right in,
Just close my eyes and hold my breath.

Some call it self-destructive.
Okay, perhaps they have a case.
Some call it self sabotage,
Two coin sides, same face.

These days I’m less inclined to chase after,
That which is certain to cause pain.
But there’s this secret place within,
Seeking freedom from safety’s chains.

Perhaps a nod to my past.
Perhaps a denial of my future.
Either way I need help keeping her in check.
I can’t succumb to destruction’s allure.

Note: I have noooooo idea where the words “freedom from safety’s chains” came from!!! I talk about a lot of chains in my writings (fear, addiction etc)- but I think I dig safety… So…. Hmmmm. End note.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



Comments on: "Pesky Dark Side!!!" (11)

  1. This is awesome. I know Destructions Allure quite well. Lady destruction has been pursuing me for what seems like a lifetime. She no longer holds the face of beauty and mystery however. I know the cold hard reality of what is behind her mask.

    • Oooooooh that was pretty-I say you run with that lady destruction thing… Poem? Yeah? Yeah?? Yeah????? “She no longer holds the face of beauty and mystery” – I mean really? You can’t just drop that gem in the dirt can you? Lol- no pressure. Do it, do it, do it!!!

      Sent from my iPad


      • Looks like I have a topic for my next post. LOL. Glad you are there to pick up the gems I drop in the dirt. In all honesty I was kinda digging that line myself. Thanks for stoking the fire E. Hugs


      • I’m all for stoking fires! Anytime!

      • So I am going to do this for you next. I would like your permission to use the last two words of this piece as the TITLE of my piece if that’s okay. No idea when it will be done. My Libra perfectionism, combined with a writer’s block, and all wrapped up in a situation where I can find no time to sit and write are killing me. But I was thinking I might also introduce this new piece as being inspired by you (with a link to your blog) and this piece in particular. As the piece spoke to me.

      • You do what you feel is best sweets! That sounds friendly. I’m sending you writers block grenades with the blank check!

        Sent from my iPad


      • That sounds even friendlier good buddy. Just make sure to leave the pins in for now. LOL

      • I thought you liked fear- no fun! LOL. OHHHHH… There is that innate tendency to preserve our lives thing to consider. ok, I will.

      • Yes, there is that, and also if they truly are writer’s block grenades, I will need to use them sparingly.
        Pleasant dreams my friend. Wherever you are.

  2. The poem is so you, and that’s not a bad thing but a good. You are so genuinely real, so let all of your emotions dance to life on the page…your selfless love will always lead you the right way…you are truly blossoming!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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