Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


floor pic collage pic monkey

These are separate, yet interconnected.  All refer to photographs. Arranged as “light” to “dark” to “light” to “dark”.

Inspired by: http://wp.me/pEUph-23B

See: Excuses: A Kyrielle Sonnet and Challenge Post for detailed instructions on how to write a Kyrielle Sonnet. Fun challenge!


Mirrored images of beauty

On display for the world to see

Expressing interpretations

An artistic revelation


Illustrating nature at play

Capturing magic in the day

Born through patient observation

An artistic revelation


Fleeting beauty of the moment

Is placed on hold; we are reminded

Encouraging exploration

An artistic revelation


Mirrored images of beauty

An artistic revelation


Answers sought, messages relayed

Hidden behind smiles, frozen, fake

Mysteries and secrets abound

In a photo, truth may be found


Proof of guilt or innocence

Blackmail scandals surreptitious

Lives destroyed in one single bound

In a photo, truth may be found


Lustful images may destroy

Addictions are…

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Comments on: "Photographs: Varied Interpretations (Series of Kyrielle Sonnets)" (2)

  1. Nina Kaytel said:

    Hey there! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award. Please visit http://ninakaytel.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/award-time/ for more detail. Love and hugs!

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