Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Holding to the Slant…


slanted tree

Walking sideways in an upright world.

Or is it the other way around?

Am I upright while the world is sideways?

Was I meant to grow straight at one time?

If so when did I shift and why?

If I had it to do over would I wish for different?

Would I be satisfied with the sustaining roots I’ve known?

Would familiarity win out over the potential for an alternate reality?

Once questioned, will my tilt be plagued with difficulties arising from gravity’s pull?

Would I even realize the struggle existed without knowledge of the natural rule?

Awareness brings turmoil to once placid waters.

Ripples circulate confusion.

Ignorance, blissful yet lacking… there is more.

Straight or at a slant, all growth is toward the sun.

The shadows in life influence ones’ outcome.

Beauty in uniqueness, and dignity in the assigned self.

Striving is required, permanent stagnation not an option.


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