Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


If I could learn from your mistakes,
And you could learn from mine.
Think of how much easier it would be,
To maneuver through this life.

Instead I feel the need,
To touch the stove myself,
As if the times I’ve been burned before
Lacked the ability to compel.

Compel me to make wiser decisions,
Ones to enhance my journey.
An avoidance of the pain and consequences,
Of learning the hard way.

Perhaps it’s pride that’s the culprit,
The belief it won’t happen to me.
As if I’m somehow different,
“Where you’ve failed, I’ll succeed”.

I pray my deceived thinking,
These detrimental false beliefs.
Can be altered by choosing to learn,
From what other’s mistakes show me!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



Comments on: "From The Mistakes Of Others…" (4)

  1. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again yet expecting different results. This is an opinion I am not inclined to disagree with. Yet I can easily be found sometimes doing exactly that. No need to look far. I will be the one banging my head against the metaphorical brick wall. And if I was to see someone elase doing the same thing, I would be inclined to not only tell them, but SHOW them just how they were doing it wrong. LOL. I have become better in this regard as I age, yet I still have my days.
    Great post friend. Here is to us all schooling ourselves on the pitfalls and mistakes of others.

    • LOL and Amen! Self-destruction, self-sabotage… Is that M.O. reserved for addicts and alcoholics only?!! LOL… I have a doctorate in both of those responses to life! Willing to trade that in for an associates in most anything else!!! I’m very self-aware in one sense, but more in the “I know this is true let me help YOU do it” realm! Kind of like you said… A work in progress is all I can say about that! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Wishing you a beautiful night my blogger bud! Heehee.

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  2. I think single men are the worst culprits for having a self destructive trait. They can’t help it, their hormones drive them on into anothers arms or insanity.

  3. I really love the message in your poem…thanks for the smile! God bless!

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