Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

I don’t usually reblog- I think all of you guys are soooo amazing that if I did – my blog would turn into an anthology of your genius- and I think each of your blogs have that coverd!

But my friend C.P. Singleton has just published another book and I wanted to take a moment to share. His mind is like an abstract museum on steroids! Nonsensical humor combined with moments of lucid straight faced rhymes- sooo up my alley. Also important- he is a genuinely down to earth, good guy! I’m wishing him much success now and in the future! Check out his book and his blog. Congrats C.P.!

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

Last year I took part in Arlee Bird’s “A to Z Challenge 2013”.

Well, it was actually my second that year. The first was set by…well…me! And I passed  my test with flapping colours.

The first was not as fun as the second, for one massive reason: COMMUNITY!

Arlee’s idea and hope was that a community would form from the concept.

It worked as far as I am concerned! I chatted to and visited some amazing bloggers and blogs!

Big thanks to Arlee (Lee Jackson) and the gang for that.

There were people blogging about writing in its many forms, photography, films, travel, cookery, even bloggers blogging about blogging!!

It was a brilliant month.

Not only a great way to oil the writing cogs, but I went from 100 followers to just under 800!

A few months after the fun was over I had an idea for another book.


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  1. cpsingleton42 said:

    You are a likkle gem! If you were here I’d hug you until your head popped off!

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