Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

My Serenity Spot…


A barbed wire fence,
Made its required effort to dissuade.
Silently I chuckled at the attempt;
I wouldn’t be stopped by man’s barricade!

I crossed the pointed rust with respect,
To avoid a painful penalty.
And I stepped into a dream I’d revisit at will,
A place of genuine serenity…

I had to descend a small unstable hill,
To arrive at the river’s edge.
Bible, camera and journal in tow (okay, and a little Mary Jane),
Prepared for when creativity and inspiration begged.

No matter the time of year,
Golden leaves bathing the water’s flow or green all around.
I would journey to commune with my river destination,
Where much of my true self was found.

I remember the feel of the cool waters,
The massage of the gentle, soothing rapids.
I’d close my eyes, surrounded by the suns warmth,
And for a time, all worries ceased to exist.

I never once felt alone,
Although solitude accompanied my escapes.
I knew comfort, peace, and effortless joy.
Therein, I felt sheltered and safe.

Medina is the name given that river,
Residing in small Bandera, Texas.
Most will never pass her way,
She’s a hidden gem, rare and precious.

I shared her with others at times,
Gifting their souls with a glimpse of her beauty.
Yet I often kept her a secret,
A place where God and I could meet quietly.

I ran there whenever I needed to feel,
Cleansing waters wash away life’s stains.
And was comforted to learn I could not taint her,
With my troubles and pains.

I simply felt complete acceptance,
In a sustained embrace filled with healing.
I watched as the water flowed ever forward,
Not backwards, never tarrying.

Nothing could touch me there;
I took leave from my tormentor, fear.
There I could rest, no longer wild,
In God’s serene and entrancing river.

I’m far away now,
Only memories and pictures remain.
I wish I were still close to her
So the waters could kiss my toes again.

Although distance separates us in the physical,
My heart won’t let me forget.
In my mind, I can cross the boundary,
I’d befriended in that barbed wire fence.

I follow the path to the place in my mind,
Where I once savored liberation from chaos.
And I’m transported by the nostalgic calm,
The world tries to tell me is lost.

I dream in brilliance upon remembering,
My beautiful “serenity spot”.
And I now seek to honor her priceless gifts,
By keeping her alive in my mind and heart.

February 2012

©E.D. Allee


Comments on: "My Serenity Spot…" (14)

  1. really enjoyed reading your poem, accepting that I am a good person(from the heart). talked about that in group today. science is now coming around to the notion that it’s the heart that informs the brain not the reverse. thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Wish I had a serenity spot. I might borrow yours for a while. Can’t wait to read more!!

  3. Thanks for sharing that hidden place of serenity with us Ma’am. Your poetic lines beautifully conveyed the honest crispness and feeling of the water as though your words were not words at all, but a picturesque photo of the images you transcribed. Fantastically orchestrated!

  4. Such a very enchanting beauty you have penned. It is always a wonderful moment to find your words…I have a quiet place of bliss and peace where words just flow. I really loved your descriptive words in your poem…so exceptional!

    • Thanks- I’m far far far from there now- and even when I go back home it’s a few hours away from my “carless” self… Sure she has changed much since then, and maybe my memories honor her best. Appreciate your kind words as usual!

      Sent from my iPad


  5. Hey Wendell… I’d LOVE to hear about your spot! Yeah???

  6. Think I’ve been there…

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