Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Authenticity… (Revised)


How much do we hide,

Of our true selves?

Showing others what we wish them to see,

Hoping they’ll learn of nothing else.


Pridefully painting portraits,

To present to an attentive world.

A world waiting to drink us in,

Or strike us with judgements’ sword.


Who are we trying to convince,

Of the validity of our emblematic masks?

The prying eyes of others,

Or the shadows that we cast?


Are there individuals:

Who escape the need to escape?

Who successfully hide from hiding?

Who expose themselves without being exposed?

Who are authentic in their authenticity?


Perhaps, maybe in circles so small,

As to include God and no one else.

Total disclosure isn’t for every onlooker,

But, we sometimes keep ourselves a secret… from ourselves.


When we refuse to embrace our truth,

And we run, as if it will help,

We get carried away by the falsities we bought into,

And become subdued by adopted doubt.


To receive liberation from our own tauntings,

Which tell us we’ll never be free.

Might mean shattering the lies based in fear,

That prevent true authenticity…

©E.D. Allee

October 27, 2013

Picture link:http://audacium.com/vulnerability-balanced-leadership/


Comments on: "Authenticity… (Revised)" (5)

  1. Wonderfully written of true self image.
    Keep smiling

  2. Amen! ~ Blessings ~

  3. What a great message. Something more people should be thinking.

    • Thank you so much. Authenticity is tricky… Spent many many years behind a mask, trying to hide. Still working on breaking that mask to know the freedom that comes from simply being me- the ever evolving person that I am. Thanks for reading and for your comment! Peace to you both.

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