Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

I see God…

In a sunset, fiery red and orange,

Or the perfection of a child newly born.

In the colorful array of a peacocks’ plumes,

Or the simplistic beauty of wild daisies in bloom.

In the delicate dance of the butterfly,

Or the majestic eagle ascending a deep cobalt sky.

I see God…


In the laughter-induced smiles of children at play,

Or the fresh smell of newly fallen rain.

In a rose’s velvet touch and perfumed scent,

Or the compassion and kindness of a loving friend.

In the cool flowing waters that tail winters’ frost,

Or the gift of hope when once all was lost.

I see God…


In the autumn leaves blanketing the hillsides,

Or the tearful hellos after long good-byes.

In the serendipitous moment of epiphany,

Or loves’ role in the quickening heartbeat.

In the cool breeze upon a contemplative face,

Or the expansive glory of outer space.

I see God…


In a rainbow’s appearance after a storm,

Or strength gained from trials overcome.

In the melodic hymns sung by the birds,

Or the gathering together of gifted words.

In the mountain silhouettes accompanying dawn or setting sun,

Or the flowering cactus among the dry beige and barren.

I see God…


I could fill endless pages with the beauty that is He,

Amidst antagonistic scribed evidence of dark negativity.

Pain and fear are played like anthems in this world,

The lines of good and evil get blurred.

Accepting the blindfolds offered by darkness,

Keeps us from the amazing; joy and renewal are missed.

If we seek, on purpose, the inspiring wonder,

Evidence of God’s goodness will be discovered.


©E.D. Allee

January, 2014



Comments on: "I see God…" (6)

  1. There are a vast quantity of amazing lines in this poem Ma’am! Additionally, as always with your work, the flow is especially marvelous – brought a smile to my face reading this.

  2. So spiritually your words dance within my heart and spirit! You write and share such truly deep and beautiful messages in your words. Your poems are priceless gems of value. I love what flows so genuinely from your heart dear sister! Thanks for blessing us with your beautiful flowers each day! Always your brother, God bless!

    • Maaaannnnn… You are filling me with some beautiful encouragement tonight. Thank you sooooo very much. To know that these words touch people, as I hope they do, is what is so priceless. People from all,over the world, different backgrounds etc… Connected by creative inspiration in print… Truly amazing and wonderful! I really enjoy your spirit-filled writing as well. Finally figured out how to start following people by email easily- I have the curse of over complication I’m afraid! So, I Look forward to more!

  3. Nicely done. I bit too long for me though.

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