Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Let the Words Flow Free…

If I try to plan my words
My heart will not be heard
If I’m reading from a script
Of me the words are stripped
When I think too hard, before I speak
I risk loosely dangling on truth I seek
But when I let the words flow free
Let them stream from within me deep
Authentic clarity is playfully exposed
Boundaries lose power, they cannot hold 

I’m not convinced all the words are mine
Maybe I’m simply to give them life
Perhaps there are people who need to hear
The words whispered purposefully in my ears
I am sure they are not all for me
The amassed verbal creativity
Neither the life force I’ve been given
Or this gift of sightless vision

I’m born of empathic, compassionate design
Which I learned to be grateful for, over time
When my heart seeks expressive deliverance 
I pray it speaks something that makes a difference

Comments on: "Let the Words Flow Free…" (6)

  1. Well done, lovely!!

  2. You are not alone, I never plan what I am going to write, It just comes all the time. Someone once told me I was an old soul, another that I see things that only one who was here before can see clearly and so concisely. But I say it is not me but the Christ in me…for God blesses me with words to share from His deep eternal well, and I see in you that same selfless, embracing, caring, sharing spirit. It is a priceless gift we were blessed with. I never sought to be a writer, or a poet, but I always heard his voice from the day I was born, and I have always heard it since and it has moved my heart always. Empathetic, we are much more than others… and when you really think about it…when Christ came He by example try to show many how to live a wonderful life through serving others…I can see His spirits love in our words…we are part of that same living vine. There is a lasting glow and radiance within your words. I am blessed to be able to embrace them and feel their inspiring touch my sister. God bless you and your family always! Spiritual hugs to you!

    • Bless you for your beautiful heartfelt and spirit-led words. Like you, it is very clear to me that the beauty I’m enabled to write is from God- this is a groovy gift! We are each given different ones… I’m planning to operate in this one to His glory as long as He lets me. Thanks again and spiritual hugs right back atcha!

  3. Hi, grateful for your follow! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one. So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian… Pictures, on the other hand, have no language barriers 😉
    Keep up the good work.

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