Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery



We step forward, sure footed

Confidence in tact

Perhaps confidence originates

Because due consideration we lack


Wind blowing swiftly through our hair

Leaping from one stone to the next

Eyes closed while in flight

No cautious resistance


Springing forward with ease

Only to fall upon the uncertain stones

The very ones in which we trusted

To lead us in the way to things unknown


The crash is powerful

The solid blows leave their marks

And for various lengths of time we sit

Questioning our strength to restart


Perhaps we should have taken

The road blanketed in pebbles

The gentle sandy path

Or the ground paved with petals


Would each one have taken us

To the same destination?

Did we even have a choice

Of which path to step out in


At times the terrain is unknown

Until that first step forward

Sensory cues cumbersomely surround

Contributing to a lack of order


If we had taken time at journey’s onset

To plan for the days travel

To pack all supplies needed

To enable us in battle

What would we bring

What plans would we make

How would we go about recovering

From likely mistakes


How long does the path which lies behind

Remain and allow for our retreat

Does the trail from which we came

Cushion our now bruised feet


The path backwards deep into the past is an illusion

A black abyss lined with imaginary stair cases

Steps have the solidarity of a dream

We walk each one in traces

©E.D. Allee

January, 2013

Photograph: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Stepping-Stones-10454946

Comments on: "Paths…" (6)

  1. What a beautiful way to say move forward.
    Happy new year,may it bring you lots of laughter, strength and love.

  2. A great observational poem – really enjoy how this represents life and the mistakes, consequences and general occurrences that transpire in day to day actions. That was my interpretation at least. Very well written, with a great sense of flow that keeps the reader’s eyes solely imprinted upon the page.

  3. Your poem is beautifully written, it kept my attention throughout without wavering! I am glad tonight when I saw your blogs name and read a little about you that my spirit was moved to embrace your words…and they proved to be so delightful! God bless you!

    • Thank you so very much! I’m grateful you’ve stopped by my blog and hope the words God allows me to express move you again some time. I read the “about” section on your blog and am interested in reading more of your thoughts. You portray your heart in written form with kindness and love. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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