Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery



My friends gave me two weeks

Said I’d die if I moved to Vegas

Part of me feared they were right

With their “friendly” vote of confidence


I’m still alive two years later

Clean and sober almost a year

I’ve learned it’s not where I go

I can grow where I’m planted, and I’m planted here


Looking down from up high

Framed city in sight

I see newness and hope

It’s here I learned to fight


Perhaps it’s ironic that I’d discover sobriety

Amid the temptations in the “City of Sin”

I choose, with God’s help, life’s path

True change is not external; it comes from within!


©E.D. Allee

December 2013




Comments on: "Found in The “City of Sin”" (9)

  1. Once you know where you come from you can grow stronger with every step you take forward knowing what you do not want any more.
    Almost A year I am cheering. you are doing this

  2. I am happy you are doing well. May God continue to help you

  3. Just re-reading this, and it reminded me of something I heard from a friend who also lived in Vegas, and the same from another friend in Reno. When you live there, much of the “Sin City” lustre is not as tempting. In fact can be more of a nuisance to a resident from what I have heard. So perhaps you are actually living the equivalent of the term “It is safest to be directly in the EYE of the storm.” Not sure if this is true or not, but It sounded good to me. LOL. I hope you are well and taking your new life (almost a year now) by storm. Oh wow, See what I did there? Totally by accident. No pun intended. Okay it must be late, I need sleep. Be well my friend.


    • Such a gifted unintended “punster”! LOL. Never thought about that. It makes sense- when the situation requires a strong fight we fight harder sometimes. Also wonder how much was motivated by the rebellious spirit we have! “I’ll show them!”, LOL. I’m just feeling so blessed this year, so much to be grateful for- I’m grateful I can be grateful!!! I hope you are well also. Thanks for the read and comment! Thanks for your encouragement!

  4. Any time my friend. People who have seen the kinds of adversity we have should always be a good source of support as we are truly the only ones to have seen the things we have and come through the other side.(Each individual has their own story, but it is a common theme) Never forget the strength it takes to overcome the Demon addiction and take great pride in doing so each and every night that you go to bed clean and sober. Be well always.


  5. I am proud to call you my friend.
    My ears are yours to chew
    I am here if you ever need a crutch
    And here to support everything you do

    (There was one word in there that could have fractured the whole sentiment. I had to look up to make sure I’d spelt it correctly! Panic over: I did! Heehee!)
    Take care.

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