Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery


You serenade me with the sweetest poetry

Gifting my heart strings with life

Soul on fire with the artists’ gift

To a darkened world you bring light

Your words sift through the pitch

Searching for meaning and hope

Weaving the words together

As if they’re one unified note

Thirsty for the next enigma

Playfully exploring life’s mysteries

An existence of purpose and joy

You seek diligently

Upon a breeze you meet

With inspirations’ destiny

Flowing from a heart of passion

Helping my eyes to see

Some only dream of touching you

To hide in your embrace

Until they’re once again made whole

A place they finally feel safe

Yet, you’ve chosen me

And my gratitude overflows

To know you is to know love

Heart, mind, body and soul

©E.D. Allee
 November 2013

Picture: http://nighty.deviantart.com/art/Winter-Serenade-26014075

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