Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

The Spirit Within…


“God shots” often arise from seemingly nowhere

Imparting enlightenment if I’m open to receive them

Meant to instruct, guide, and empower

They take my breath away time and again

When in pause, I can recall many times

I’ve received these serendipitous gifts of hope

Reminders that God’s working in my life

I know I’m not alone

I do believe we find that for which we seek

I’m grateful I seek after a loving God

And that He reveals Himself to me

The Holy Spirit within

Fills me with love and light

There’s a still, small voice I detect

Leading me through this life

Amazing wonders I’ve known

I discount the notion of coincidence

Pieces are connected from my past to today

I follow crumbs laid to lead me in each step

God’s growing me up

Teaching me what He wishes me to know

I’m looking, I’m listening

I’m thirsty for spiritual growth

My active addictions blotted out

The sunlight of The Spirit

Like dark, stationary clouds

Creating a divide and distance

God was always there

He never left my side

But I felt I couldn’t look at Him

And tried in vain to hide

I see my life now

How far I’ve come from where I’ve been

I’m less regretful of the past

I’ve gained much knowledge from the many lessons

I ask myself today

If I wished things had been different

And strange as it seems for me to say

I’m grateful for the experiences that contributed to who I am

And I am grateful to my loving God, for never letting go of my hand…

 ©E.D. Allee

 November 2013



Comments on: "The Spirit Within…" (11)

  1. Love this…so beautiful 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:


  4. This is such a great poem–powerful, inspiring, beauty from His Spirit within.

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